20 minutes    -   $15​
30 minutes    -   $20​
45 minutes   -    $25​
60 minutes   -    $30
Dog walking services include an individual walk scheduled during normal business hours .  Group walks are often available and permission will be required from owner if available. You can receive notification of our arrival via email or through the Scout for Pet Owners app.  You also receive check- in photo(s), a personal report card, and a GPS map of the walk upon its completion.  It's the next best thing to being there!  Food, water, and meds are complimentary and will be given upon request.  
Dog Walk
Image by Cat Mapper (Max Ogden)


20 minutes - $15
30 minutes - $20
45 minutes - $25
A cat visit consists of feeding and fresh water, litter box cleaning, and treats.  If your cat will allow, there is also play time, brushing, and plenty of belly rubs!  Meds are dispensed at no charge.  Cat visits are available 5 days a week between 8;30 a.m. and 7 p.m. and 9 a.m until 7 p.m on Saturday and Sunday.  You can receive notification of our arrival, a report card, and photos.  Your kitty will have all it's needs taken care of while you're away!


20 minutes - $15 ​
30 minutes - $20 ​
45 minutes - $25 ​
60 minutes - $30
These visits are perfect if your new  pup is being crate-trained and needs time out of it while you have to be away.  They'll get playtime, leash training, and lots of love!   This service is invaluable!



I currently board dogs up to 35 pounds only  in my home.  They receive a crateless, in home boarding experience.    Your doggie cannot exceed my weight limit and for the best experience,  they should  be comfortable being around other dogs.  I have small to medium breeds that I walk throughout the day and they're sweet and friendly and your doggie would enjoy hanging out with them throught out the day!  Please contact me for more info.

Overnight visits consists of a morning and dinner walk and an overnight stay in the pet's home.  Things like adjusting lights, watering plants, and bringing in mail and packages are all complimentary. Please contact me for more info.
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